This website used to contain pictures and lists of figures that were released, but right now I cannot spend the time to keep it as up to date as I like. This will hopefully change in the future.

Fortunately, there are some great websites that will show full lists, pictures and information about both Corinthian and non-Corinthian figures. The sites below are simply amazing and will not disappoint. Enjoy!

Corinthian Archive & SoccerStarz Archive
Everything you need to know about Corinthian and SoccerStarz: history, release information, pictures etc. By Corinthian expert and great friend Craig Robinson, one of the biggest collectors in the world.
The ultimate site for collectors of all kinds of football figures. A definitive almanac/catalog of all mass-produced figures released since 1970, including pictures. A great help for all collectors out there.

Facebook Group
Facebook community dedicated to the hobby of collecting football figures.